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There are three college admissions decisions: admit, deny, and the most confusing of all, Waitlist. Yet, students, choosing to remain on a waitlist by “opting-in” before the deadline posted in the admissions letter, should be sure they understand what the choice entails

First, understand there is no guarantee that any students will be considered for admissions from the waitlist. But, after May 1, if needed, admissions officers will select students who fit particular institutional needs, like major choice or geographic location, from the waitlist. 

Secondly, decide whether to submit a Letter of Continued Interest. But, as not every college admissions officer will accept nor welcome such additional information, contact the admissions office to ask what information is helpful: a letter of continued interest or just updated transcripts with spring grades or achievements since submitting the application.

If allowed and choosing to submit such additional information, first ask, “Why do I still want to attend ____ College/University?”, as well as “Would I choose the college/university where I’ve been waitlisted, over the colleges where I’ve already been accepted?” 

Then, if still committed to submitting the Letter of Continued Interest, reflect on what information can be added, which was not previously included, and which reinforces the applicant’s argument why they’re a candidate to fit within the university community. 

Lastly, students should be sure to choose a college from amongst where they were accepted by May 1. Then, if admitted from the waitlist, students and their families can determine if they want to accept the offer, or stay with their original choice, based less on emotion and more on reason with a view to the long term.

For more information about how to navigate the complex college admissions process to prepare any student for the challenging global socioeconomic situation, contact us at Creative Marbles Consultancy

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