Selecting a College vs. Being Selected by a College

Worries about “not being accepted” to a college are common, since most parents and students believe they’re at the mercy of an admissions officer’s decision. Often, students think, “How do I make my experience, like GPA, test scores and extracurricular activities, match the “right” selection criteria of (insert name of college)?”

Few students turn the question around and consider: “At which college, will my character, talents and intellectual curiosity be best nurtured, so I eventually build financial stability?” 

With a reorientation in thinking about college admissions from chasing an acceptance letter to reflecting on questions like: “Why do I want to attend college?”, “What are my talents and academic interests?”, “In what conditions and with what kinds of teachers do I learn best?” then families can be more objective in investigating possible colleges, as well as preparing for the application process. 

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