College is a Choice

Attending college is not required for achieving economic prosperity nor lasting peace of mind. 

Success is defined by the individual’s interpretation of their net worth that they were born to discover throughout a lifetime of searching for value from the sum of their experiences. Yes, that may include attending college, and praise to those who have spent their life’s work helping make college a reality for generations of students. Though, for others who have a vision which does not include attending college but instead blazing a different path fueled by an innate desire to live fully to benefit the multitudes, their choice should not be a source of shame.  

What is of utmost import during the limited time we walk this earth is to learn so we may evolve and know, not doubt, when we take our last breath that we truly lived to our fullest potential. To be true to oneself more days than not is to find the inexhaustible source of great joy which never fails to radiate blessings unto those fortunate to meet such a remarkable, and frankly, quite rare person. How, though, does one achieve such a vaulted state of being in the limited time of mortal existence? 

In all ways, no matter the difficulty endured, discover and deepen a trust in your purpose for being alive. No two people are alike; therefore, all of us are on a solitary journey of discovery in search of meaning that may be found in college or the University of Hard Knocks. By listening, then reflecting, in collaboration with our fellow human beings, we can ascertain the meaning embedded in each experience, testing our working hypotheses for what brings lasting joy, adjusting our course when necessary, finally discovering an enduring intimacy and boundless wellspring of love, a rocket fuel necessary to genuinely benefit others

The outcome of our actions will be defined by the inspiration underlying each and every choice we make. If our motivation is true, the subsequent benefits will sustain us both economically and spiritually until the day we die, irrespective of attending college or not. So, have faith in yourself, acquired from the lessons learned in the lab of life, and by all means, course correct as much as needed to ensure that you are not someone easily forgotten, instead remembered fondly for being true, full of joy and always ready to lend a helping hand no matter how difficult the task, rejecting praise or reward knowing that being true is recompense enough.

Art Baird, a third generation educator and Founding Partner of Creative Marbles Consultancy, utilizes the totality of his experience guiding thousands of teenagers for nearly three decades. For more information about how Creative Marbles Consultancy can help with your complex educational choices, contact us.

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