Inhumanity of Waitlists

Being waitlisted for college admissions prolongs hope, colleges banking on applicants’ desire to be admitted. And, students offered an “extended” waitlist option weeks after the enrollment deadline, which can seem like a further complication in an already opaque admissions process, can be particularly frustrated.  “Extended” waitlists can further dispel the pretense that the admissions process…

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Graph: Recent Admissions Rates of Candidates from the Waiting List for Georgetown Catholic and Jesuit University

More about Georgetown University Waitlists

High school Seniors offered a position on university waitlists, often first wonder, “Why wasn’t I chosen?”, typically followed by, “What are my chances of being admitted from the waitlist?” For Fall 2023, Georgetown University admissions officers actually offered information for students to make a more informed decision about choosing to or not to opt into…

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The Hope Endures – More about College Admissions Waitlists

One parent of a high school senior likened college admissions waitlists to “the extended torture of hope”, wishing to simply to move beyond decisions and let the grieving begin. And, in some ways, the institution gains more from waitlisting than the applicant, having a reserve should their first choice candidates choose to attend another college. …

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Panic in California

Many Fall 2022 applicants to the University of California Berkeley (Cal) received an unexpected Valentine’s Day greeting—an email announcement that by court order, up to 5100 less acceptance letters may be issued for Fall 2022.  Olufemi Ogundele, associate vice chancellor of enrollment management and dean of undergraduate admissions at UC Berkeley writes:  On Thursday, Feb.…

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How COVID-19 may affect Fall 2020 college admissions waitlists

With so many unknowns, as the coronavirus rapidly spreads around the globe, admissions officers from around the US are sharing with Creative Marbles Consultancy they aren’t sure how to predict the enrollment for the incoming classes. Admissions officers are advising that waitlists may become even more vital to round out their incoming class, as they…

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