Ahead of the Curve: May 3, 2014

Inspired by Creative Marbles Clients:

  • More often, clients are asking, “How do I pay for college?” The idea that 10-30% of their yearly income will go toward college expenses is a tough nut to swallow for any family.  While the answer to parents’ question is more complex than this post, in short,  planning, planning and more planning will help parents sleep at night, and know that their child is gaining the greatest value college experience for their hard-earned dollars
  • With the impending summer vacation, many parents and students are seeking opportunities to build their competitiveness for college admissions and find that “one” distinguishing factor in admissions.  Summer always seems like the perfect time to indulge an interest, since there’s technically no school.  A balance between taking a needed break and negotiating peace in the Crimea is what students should aim toward.
  • As scores come back from the first round of college admissions tests this spring, clients ask,  “What’s a good SAT & ACT score?”  “Good score” translates to “what number will magically open every admissions door at any college I choose?”  Unfortunately, there is no such magic number.  Interpreting an SAT or ACT score requires knowing more about a student’s overall college admissions qualifications, since college admissions aren’t solely determined by a test score.

College Admissions and Education News:

  • Many Applicants Bide Time on College’s Wait Lists, Boston Globe May 2, 2014
    • College wait-lists are like admissions purgatory – not a “yes” and not a “no”.  The wait-list may serve colleges more than students, since there’s a ready pool to fill-in the needed number to enroll.
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