How to assess the value of a college education in order to avoid malinvestment

Comparing the published price of tuition along with the size of the student population can be one metric to value a university education. However, “shopping” colleges on price alone is shortsighted, thus families may overlook valuable educational opportunities

Instead families should determine the value of any college education by discussing answers to reflective questions, starting with, “Why is a student attending college in the first place?” 

Commonly, many students seek a college education as the gateway to a “good job”. Thus, considering “What is a ‘good’ job for me, given my aptitude and interests?” is a natural next contemplation. 

Answering “why” questions and further defining terms, like “What’s good?” and “What’s my aptitude, natural inclination, talent?” can help students identify the opportunities or college environment where they’ll most likely discover more about their abilities and life’s purpose. 

The outcome of a collaborative, wide ranging reflection as to the value of attending college will produce a working hypothesis to be tested in the even more intense self-reflective process of autobiographical college essay writing. Then, students can confirm an aptitude which will be a determinant when choosing where to enroll in college during the Spring of a senior year.

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