Message for new adults AKA new college grads

Many college grads are newly certificated, soon to be jettisoned from the Bank of Mom & Dad, to assume full fiscal and otherwise responsibility as novice adults.

But, adulting is complicated.

As the astute Lewis Lapham noted about his own experience he needed to

… take the college-boy thumb out of my mouth, come of age as an adult, acquire a grown-up taste for the unsweetened fruits of earned experience.

Fortune’s Child, Lapham’s Quarterly, Volume VII, Number 3

As students, we’re trained to recognize the “right” way, which usually means meeting 90% or greater of the teacher’s expectation for any class, according to a rubric or other metric. Yet, life doesn’t set such a distinct rubric for success nor failure—no end of semester to relieve us of the pressure of a particular set of expectations when it comes to an adulthood packed full of responsibilities

As always, missteps are opportunities for learning, not a “failure”, and will likely require additional support to analyze in order to ascertain the lessons. Be gentle. Give yourself permission and time to transition to adulting and always be willing to lean on a friend in times of need. 

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