Success Redefined

Artie Shaw, the renowned Jazz clarinetist said, “Success is an opiate.” Success is not what people think of you, not what you do, the awards you receive or the material trappings you have collected. Instead, confidence in one’s purpose, a calling that defines a higher esteem, an evolution of our spirit, often requires a Guru to show us the path. 

Bear Grylls, founder at BecomingX is one such Guru, who walked his own difficult path to not success, but a lasting satisfaction and peace of mind. He now wants to help others who are willing to discover their own inherent purpose so as to benefit others in our brief time on this planet, defining a legacy that endures.  

See celebrities, like Julia Roberts, discuss their journey, including the challenges to living their lives fully.

For more information about how Creative Marbles Consultancy can help students and parents in navigating the modern academic meritocracy, contact us at Creative Marbles Consultancy

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Art melds his passion for acquiring and disseminating knowledge with his decades of experience teaching into straightforward, collaborative advising. His pointed questioning facilitates debate, empowering clients to achieve their vision in education and in life.
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