Giving Thanks


Turkey day is once again upon us, and here’s what we at Creative Marbles Consultancy give thanks for:

1.  All opportunities to learn, hence undermining ignorance

2.. The struggle to live a purposeful life

3.  All of the supportive people in our lives, without whom, would make living much more difficult

4.  Both the curse and blessings of change, for it gives us a new canvas to create something new

5.  Our enemies whom teach us both patience and compassion

6.  Our faith, because it is the compass that helps us navigate the great sea of consciousness

7.  Family (whatever family looks like for you) that helps guide, support, and challenge you daily

8.  The wonderment in each and every breath

9.  The change in seasons

10. Possibility, as it manifests in all forms

(So much more to be grateful for, but we will leave it at ten today)

Take time between the three F’s: family, friends and food – contemplate what you are grateful for today.

All of us at Creative Marbles Consultancy wish you a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and may blessings rain down on all beings.

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