Ahead of the Curve: December 3, 2013

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  • College Applications & Stuffing: just as the last bites of Thanksgiving stuffing were chewed, college applicants around the country were turning back to their college essays and finishing applications by the 11:59 pm deadlines on November 30th and December 1.  The last minute finishes can provoke a round of “I told you so’s” from knowing parents, especially when the online servers backed up for the University of Washington – causing UW to extend the deadline to December 2.  However, the dark circles under many teenagers eyes may tell enough of the story, making more certain the next round of deadlines won’t be a repeated experience.
  • “World-wide Senior Teacher Conspiracy” Theory: The mental effort required by writing college essays and completing college applications can create additional pressures, alongside the everyday management of schoolwork.  In the effort to relieve the pressure, parents and students alike look for targets to blame – senior teachers being one such mark.  Usually, in a complaint such as, “I don’t understand why the teachers can’t be a little understanding that I have all THIS other work for college applications,” and sometimes a few choice adjectives to add emphasis to their frustrations.  Without assigning or denying “blame”, I would argue that the challenge in completing college applications is actually the first test of an applicant’s worthiness to be accepted to a college.   Further, the ability of the applicant to function under pressure is actually helpful for exposing areas that need strengthening, a test of character if you will – albeit, not a fun experience to endure.
  • How Do I Pay for College?: As we’ve posted previously, college affordability is a dependent on college selection, as well as family budgets.  The sometimes hard choices of equating price with college is not an easy or simple conversation for many families.  Regardless, determining the value of a college education is fundamentally intertwined with the question of “how do I pay for college” – since with understanding value, than bearing the costs of borrowing student loans or other efforts to earn scholarships is plainly worthwhile.
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