Gaining Scholarships & Paying for College is a Process

The recent October Comstock’s Magazine–a business publication in our Sacramento region–featured Art’s & Jill’s advice to plan for rising college expenses and answer the all-important how to apply for scholarships question.  Click here to read more.

Financing a college education is a series of choices–sometimes over years.    However, waiting until the first tuition bill arrives as the impetus to start determining how to pay is a typical situation for many families–also, a source of anxiety we hear often in our work.   College bills can be paid from a combination of savings, current income (from both parents and students, including private organization scholarships), discounts on tuition (usually in the form of grants and scholarships from the university) and loans for both parents and students.   Conversations amongst the entire family, including all siblings, can help understand the value of a college experience for each child and how to best plan forward for its corresponding expense.

Our recent blog post, Something’s Got to Give, can help with forecasting for the rise in tuition to plan appropriately.