Is the “College Degree = Good Paying Job” a Myth?

With over 50% of all recent college graduates underemployed, working in jobs not requiring their college degree, high school students seeking to attend college should reconsider the expectation that a college diploma alone guarantees lifetime wealth and prosperity.

Starting careers underemployed, individuals often earn less over their lifetimes. The Burning Glass Institute study showed, that 73% of those who started underemployed were still underemployed after a decade.

For individuals who also borrowed to attend college, they will dedicate larger share of their wages to repay debt, further hindering wealth accumulation. Thus, individuals may delay life milestones like starting families or purchasing homes.

Thus, when considering the value of a college education, high school students and their families should look beyond the ROI in terms of earning potential. Reflecting on, “Why am I attending college?” and exploring alternative paths to discovering one’s purpose can help in making informed choices about higher education.

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