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Welcome to the New Adulthood

For most of us, moving out of the parental units’ house is the ultimate signifier of adulthood.  So, what’s the threshold defining adulthood for the growing numbers of 25 year olds, who live with their parents (even after moving away for college)? Since 2002, parental co-residence rates have only risen:   And, in 2012:   Related PostsHow …


What a 99 Year Old Wall Street Trader Knows

Although Irene Bergman intended her advice for Wall Street finance types, her wisdom can apply to anyone in any situation.  Bloomberg News recently highlighted Ms. Bergman for her longevity in a notoriously competitive business, stock trading. We can all learn a lesson, if for no other reason, than Ms. Bergman has the weight of a century …


College Degree: Gateway to Middle Class Prosperity or Financial Burden?

While many students and their families pursue a 4 year college degree for the imagined financial security and solid middle class living, the cost(s), both to pay for the degree and the long term effects of earning the degree, may be greater than the return.  Generations have been raised to expect that their standard of …