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Adverbial Perils

Very, greatly, really, extremely, strongly, deeply…the adverb can seem genuine and necessary for emphasis in a college essay, yet can actually have the opposite effect of watering down what is described.  Plus, the adverb can be an extraneous word in the precious word count of the college essay.  Yet, teenage college essay writers typically include …


En Garde! Writers’ Block Be Damned

For many students, ’tis the season for writing – writing in school – and for those fully engaged in the college admissions process, the writing seems to be without end. Not all required writing is purposeful, hence the tedious nature of it. Writing the required essays on the college applications, though, is for many, the …

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How to Write Competitive College Essays Without Losing (Too Much) Sleep

Seniors (and their parents) who’re unsure about where to start writing their college application essays should start at the beginning of the writing process. The writing process doesn’t change; the challenge is most students aren’t often taught the writing process or have developed their own process to write essays for class assignments, that don’t fit …