Student Debt in Seven Charts

Not all student debt is ruinous.  However, borrowing can be complex.  Loans spend tomorrow’s income today, and for college students, a promise of tomorrow’s income is spent to pay for expenses in the present day.  Understanding recent growth in student loans and the challenges of repayment can help potential student loan borrowers consider both the benefits and the risks before borrowing.…

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Ahead of the Curve: All About Financing A College Education

Thoughts from the news: Flip Side of Reducing Student Debt Is Increasing the Federal Deficit, New York Times, February 11, 2015—for every benefit, there is a cost Looking At Student Loan Defaults Through a Larger Landscape, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, February 19, 2015—student loan defaults are not only increasing, but also occurring earlier in…

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The Perils of Scholarships

To many parents, winning scholarships both rewards academic excellence and various leadership achievements, while subsidizing the total costs of college. Even though many high school seniors also desire the benefits of scholarships, many scholarships remain un-awarded. Understanding the timing of scholarship deadlines may explain why action doesn’t follow good intentions.

Ahead of the Curve: July 5, 2014

Inspired by CMC Clients Advanced Placement (AP) Test Scores:  Students often believe that a score of less than 3 will hurt their college admissions competitiveness.  The belief is a myth.  A student’s willingness to challenge themselves academically by taking AP classes and the tests will be considered by college officials in the admissions process.  The score,…

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