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College Degrees Offer No Economic Guarantees

As executives at tech giants, like Facebook, Intel, Netflix, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, announce hiring freezes and layoffs, the technology sector may not be the stable and growing industry with ever-lasting employment opportunities that many students and their parents have been promoting. To add insult to injury, new computer science grads (aged 22-27 years old) already encounter competition for jobs,…

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Social Media & College Life

Anonymous Facebook pages, known as “Confessions” pages are allowing college students to post whatever they want about their campus life–unedited–which can be both cathartic and mean-spirited, stoking fears about cyber-bullying. After a quick survey (very quick), the pages read like old fashioned bathroom stall graffiti–only forever preserved in bits and pixels. Like bathroom stall graffti, the author has the protection…

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