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Acceptance Anxieties

Clicking “Submit” only allows momentary relief. New anxieties rise Leaving many to exclaim, “Good Grief!” The months long wait for a response has begun Leaving everyone Undone   The compulsive checking of the email inbox Seems to only mock The seriousness of the hunt for the (virtual) “large envelope” “Maybe tomorrow…” they hope   Others …


Ahead of the Curve: February 7, 2014

From Our Clients: SAT and ACT Prep: Each day, I talk with at least one parent concerned that their kid is not doing enough preparation for the SAT or ACT, who asks for advice how to motivate their kid to practice SAT and ACT questions.  For most teens, the intention to prepare for the SAT …


Senioritis: It’s Not Contagious, Yet Can Strike Whole Senior Classes

About this time of year, a curious affliction can take hold of the current high school Senior class; its often known as, “Senioritis”.   With no known cure, yet for most, a temporary condition, Senioritis can strike at any time, for no apparent reason, and without warning.  The symptoms can include: Related PostsWhat If’s? If …