Acceptance Anxieties

Clicking “Submit” only allows momentary relief.

New anxieties rise

Leaving many to exclaim, “Good Grief!”

The months long wait for a response has begun

Leaving everyone



The compulsive checking of the email inbox

Seems to only mock

The seriousness of the hunt for the (virtual) “large envelope”

“Maybe tomorrow…” they hope


Others who’ve heard

Gleefully, spread the word

Social media buzzes

Their friends feign a smile

Trying to vainly reconcile

Their chances too for the prized acceptance letter


The roller coaster of hope and doubt

Runs about

Knocking back even the most devout


Until finally….

The new mail alert bings delightfully

Defying school rule

A Senior hurriedly reviews

The latest email with the Good News!


Validation ensues