And, The Oops! Award for Fall 2016 College Admissions Goes To…

….University of California Santa Cruz!

We’ve all “clicked prematurely”, but on Wednesday, March 15, 2016, the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC regional admissions officer for UC Santa Cruz sent 4000 “Congratulations on your admissions to UC Santa Cruz!” emails to students who hadn’t even applied.

At least this application season (knock on wood), only UC Santa Cruz college admissions officers have had to send apologies to applicants.   Carnegie Mellon in 2015Johns Hopkins in 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014, Fordham University in 2013, Vassar College in 2012, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2012, and University of California San Diego in 2009 learned the premature clicking lesson the very hard, very embarrassing way.

UC Santa Cruz just provided Reason Number 4,281 to send acceptance letters the old fashioned way—The Big Envelope.