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Advice about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cultural Background Written Response

Often when a written response is “optional” on a college application, especially when the admit rates are 3.96%, like at MIT, students accustomed to following every direction, and seeking every advantage in such a low probability admissions process, usually pause to consider, “How optional is ‘optional’?”  Yet, after talking with admissions officers at MIT, optional really is optional. MIT admissions…

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“Passion” is not Just for Soap Operas; It’ll Help Get You Into College

The Notre Dame Supplement asks: ” You may have noticed that you have an exemplary passion that separates you from your peers. How does this intense focus set you apart and how will it affect your life’s journey? Please provide us with as much concrete evidence as possible.” Listen as Art and Jill define the supplement prompt to help you…

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