Winds of Change Blow in California’s Higher Education Systems

Look for changes to the California Community Colleges (CCC) and California State University (CSU) system as the chancellors of both organizations, Jack Scott & Charles B. Reed, respectfully, retire in 2012.    Also, UC Berkeley’s Chancellor, Robert Birgeneau, will retire on Dec 31.

Change may be what’s needed, as California again faces shrinking state funding and greater numbers of students seeking college education.  (The CCC estimates 300,000 students were turned away from classes this school year; 13,000 students in our local Los Rios Community College District alone.)  New leadership brings fresh eyes to a complex issue, as all three higher education systems provide preparation for the future workforce of our state and support for retiring generations.

Creative Marbles has been listening to growing concerns over the quality of education in California’s public universities from parents and prospective students, given the annually increasing tuition they’re paying.   Quality can be defined individually, as students’ goals vary and personalities are unique.  However, the perception of value also is a factor in decision-making for college-going families.  How the changeover in leadership for higher ed in California be seen by families and college-going students remains to be seen in this Fall’s applications and next spring’s enrollment.  Regardless, as families are touring campuses this summer, asking questions about how the campus is preparing for budget cuts and leadership shifts will help make more informed decisions that benefit students’ futures.

For more information, see the Los Angeles Times


Jill Yoshikawa, Ed M, is a University of California and Harvard trained educator and Partner at Creative Marbles Consultancy. You can contact Jill at or, read her short biography.

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