CA Budget Affects Cal Grants for Private, Non Profit Colleges

Proposed reductions in funding for the Cal Grant program, in the current 2013 Fiscal budget plan, would reduce private, non-profit university student’s grants by 17% by 2014 to $8,056 per year.    (Examples of  private non-profit colleges are the University of Pacific or University of Southern California.)    Current Cal Grants for private, non-profit university students are $9708 per school year.

Families with current college students at private, non-profit universities who will not graduate before 2014 can begin seeking alternative sources for college funds, now, to cover the reduction in grant money in two years. $1700 spread over a school year is $170 per month or $5.67 more per day that families will have to raise to finish college.

UC, CSU and California Community College students will not be affected by Cal Grant reductions.

For more information, see today’s Sacramento Bee