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The Pitfalls of “Great Expectations”

I have been slowly reading Dickens’ “Great Expectations.”  Inspired after a recent night’s reading, I went to the microphone to record my thoughts on the possible conundrum of creating expectations that are too great to meet and yet, too painful not to be met.  I offer another approach to the turmoil of setting expectations, when trying to live a purposeful life. I hope you enjoy and can put into use in your own life.


Art Baird is the Founder of Creative Marbles Consultancy, now a decade old, after spending ten years in the classroom doing more, as most teachers know, than just teaching the core curriculum.  Outside of helping to run the day-to-day operations of the company, Art enjoys working with those clients who are seeking to define a vision, set objectives and restore confidence on the path to living a purposeful life.