Reviewing The Week In Education: March 31-April 6

Highlights in Educational and College Admissions Happenings for March 31-April 6:

In College Admissions:

  • The last of the college admissions acceptances and denials were returned to anxiously awaiting Seniors and their parents.
    • Creative Marbles Consultancy’s Commentary: For students denied admissions, speculation about why s/he was denied has ranged from “only the Asian kids in my (Senior) class were accepted” to “I guess you need a more than a 4.0 and Captain of the Varsity Basketball team to get in” to “If a 4.0+ GPA with a full IB diploma, first in their Russian immigrant family to go to college in the US is denied admissions to every University of California campus where he applied, I’m never going to stand a chance” to “Maybe if I had applied “undeclared” [in my major] I would be accepted.”  I spoke with several admissions officers this week from both public and private universities, and all replied that even when reviewing a specific individual’s application, s/he could not pinpoint the exact detail that kept the applicant from being admitted. The majority also replied that they had an abundance of highly qualified applicants again this season, and had difficult choices, since not all could be admitted; space constraints being the most often cited reason.
  • Financial aid award letters arrived following admissions decisions.
    • Creative Marbles Consultancy Tips: Review each one letter carefully, and ask questions.  Remember, each item listed on the financial aid award letter must be approved separately.
  • Many Juniors and their families busily scurried around college campuses and tours during the week long Spring Break.
    • Creative Marbles Consultancy Tips: Write down any impressions of the college while still fresh, even if only on a Facebook status update, that can be referenced later.  Take advantage of the experience to help make decisions next fall about colleges for application.
  • March SAT scores arrived online on March 28th, prompting Juniors to either celebrate their scores were “high” enough or wonder if they’ll be accepted to any college with such “low” scores.
    • Creative Marbles Consultancy’s Commentary: Keep in mind that an SAT or ACT score is only one piece of information in a comprehensive college application that will be considered.  Also, retakes of the SAT or ACT do not need to be completed until December 2013. Plus, ACT with Writing scores deemed higher than SAT scores will be considered during admissions evaluations, disregarding the SAT scores. (add hyperlink to SAT article differentiating SAT and ACT, plus test optional)

Educational News:

  • Quarter grades for the 2nd semester will close in the next week.  Talk with teachers about any grades that aren’t as high as expected about how to improve in the next two months before the end of the school year, since only semester grades will be reviewed by colleges.


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