Wanted: College Students for Fall 2013 Enrollment APPLY NOW

Available To Lease By Creative Marbles Consultancy“Too late” doesn’t apply to college admissions.  And, no, I’m not talking about enrollment only at a community college.  Every year, after May 1st, colleges begin sorting who’s coming and who’s not coming to campus next fall.  Typically, several hundred campuses around the country are still open for admissions, given the lack of enrollment.  For Fall 2013, 210–4 year colleges recently announced their campuses have space for both freshmen and transfer students.   For those still seeking to enroll at a 4 year college, here’s a complete list: 210 College Campuses With Space for Fall 2013  Contact each campus for admissions and application information.

From the “Space Availability Survey 2013” of the National Association for College Admissions Advising

Photo Credit: Creative Marbles Consultancy, 2013