The Responsibility of Choice

This spring, like every spring, after years of struggle, high school seniors will finally experience acceptance in the form of an electronic letter or alert in an applicant portal offering admissions to this or that college. Once the initial elation fades, families begin deliberations in earnest to make a final selection by the May 1 national college enrollment deadline.* Essentially,…

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Image: University of California Undergraduate Application System Temporarily Offline

University of California Application Deadline Extension

Updated: November 29, 2020 at 10:53 pm The University of California has extended the application deadline to December 4, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST in response to the slowed servers earlier on November 29, 2020. Currently, University of California (UC) applicants see the message “System Offline” when trying to access their applications online. In conversation with the UC Applicant Help…

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The University of California Unveiled Brand New Application Essay Prompts

In Fall 2016, both freshman and transfer applicants to the University of California (UC) will choose from brand new writing prompts when composing the required personal application statements.  After ten years, the UC has retired their previous two essay prompts. With annually record-breaking numbers of applicants—which increases the selectivity in admissions—admissions officers are seeking a fuller understanding of each applicant. 

What’s College’s Value Given Today’s Prices?

Choosing a college based on price or which campus offers the greatest amount of financial aid can seem like a foreign concept to many families.  However, as tuition continues rising annually and parents face the quandary of balancing saving for retirement and paying for college, at the same time their income seems to be shrinking, families may be facing increasing…

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Wanted: College Students for Fall 2013 Enrollment APPLY NOW

“Too late” doesn’t apply to college admissions.  And, no, I’m not talking about enrollment only at a community college.  Every year, after May 1st, colleges begin sorting who’s coming and who’s not coming to campus next fall.  Typically, several hundred campuses around the country are still open for admissions, given the lack of enrollment.  For Fall 2013, 210–4 year colleges…

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College in the Twenty-First Century

A short poem about the millennial college experience. College seems like a given Through tournaments and mom’s taxi service driving here and there Research papers that almost were not Finished only in the minutes before the school day began Yet, endured for the promise of one day Over yonder, a good job and a move away The parent, nostalgic for carefree days,…

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Transfer Admissions from a California Community College: Bargain or Cost?

Several changes to California Community College policies in the current 2012-13 school year may affect the typical transfer student who chooses community college, by extending the total number of semesters before transfer to a 4 year university. The typical transfer student is usually qualified for 4 year college admissions, yet “doesn’t know what s/he wants to do”–in other words, doesn’t…

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