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The University of California Unveiled Brand New Application Essay Prompts

In Fall 2016, both freshman and transfer applicants to the University of California (UC) will choose from brand new writing prompts when composing the required personal application statements.  After ten years, the UC has retired their previous two essay prompts. With annually record-breaking numbers of applicants—which increases the selectivity in admissions—admissions officers are seeking a fuller understanding …


The Emotional Side of Applying to College

Most students expect that completing college applications will be a short-term effort, temporarily inconvenient to the rest of their schedule, but generally able to be subsumed within their daily lives.  In reality, the challenge of opening one’s life to analysis, in order to write autobiographical essays required in applications can create an unexpected emotional response, …


Avoid the Crowds

Although online server crashes are RARE, the slowed access to online college applications can be frustrating. MORAL OF THE STORY: Submit college applications as soon as possible. Related PostsWhen Considering Student Loans… “Situational Awareness” Guest Post: The Forecast Calls for Thought New Information about the June 6, 2015 SAT Error “Why Do You Want to …


It’s Possible to Sleep In High School AND Be Admitted to College

To be qualified AND competitive for college admissions only feels like this… Cartoon Credit: Andertoons Related Posts“Parent Involvement”: Only for Bake Sales? Ahead of the Curve: December 13, 2013 Guest Post: “The School Part of School” You Can Dish It. Can You Take It? The College Freshman Holiday Homecoming


Ahead of the Curve: October 23, 2013

From the news: Overscheduled Children: How Big a Problem, New York Times October 11, 2013 #PSAT — Students Tweet Amusing Reactions to Standardized Test, Washington Post October 16, 2013 Higher Price Pays Way Into Some College Classes, San Francisco Chronicle October 16, 2013 Army Realigns Reserve Officer Training Program, U.S. Army October 2, 2013 From …


Ahead of the Curve: October 5, 2013

In the News: Financial Literacy, Beyond the Classroom New York Times: October 5, 2013 How to Be a College ‘Resimuter‘ Washington Post: October 2, 2013 UC’s Twist on Crowdfunding Inspires Students San Francisco Chronicle: September 18, 2013 From Our Clients: Quarter Grades/Midterms–conversations with teachers to identify academic areas for improvement, as well as what the student …


The Tale of a College Essay Writer

College essay writing can bring out the creative spirit in any high school senior and community college transfer applicant; however, may not be the type of creative effort needed to actually write college essays.  More like innovation in putting off until under the pressure of the deadline, concerted drafting of the essay, to the consternation of …


School + New Town = College

Picking colleges for application or enrollment isn’t just picking a new school.  Most likely, teenagers are moving away from their hometowns.  Knowing something about the place being moved to as well as the college may add insights to the searching.  The Atlantic Cities reported on the “Brainiest Cities” based on an online survey measuring cognitive …

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What’s College’s Value Given Today’s Prices?

Choosing a college based on price or which campus offers the greatest amount of financial aid can seem like a foreign concept to many families.  However, as tuition continues rising annually and parents face the quandary of balancing saving for retirement and paying for college, at the same time their income seems to be shrinking, …


Wanted: College Students for Fall 2013 Enrollment APPLY NOW

“Too late” doesn’t apply to college admissions.  And, no, I’m not talking about enrollment only at a community college.  Every year, after May 1st, colleges begin sorting who’s coming and who’s not coming to campus next fall.  Typically, several hundred campuses around the country are still open for admissions, given the lack of enrollment.  For …