College admissions opportunities in the time of COVID

As college enrollments continue sliding, current college students, both those at four year colleges and those aspiring to transfer from a community college, as well as high school students seeking admissions in Fall 2022 and beyond will likely benefit. 

Spring 2021 total undergraduate enrollment decreased by 5.9% at two and four year colleges in the United States, a greater percentage than Fall 2021 according to the National Student Clearinghouse

For high school students who will apply to college for Fall 2022 admissions and beyond, college admissions officers may admit more applicants, as their enrollment will be vital to backfill the lost tuition revenues resulting from smaller classes ahead of them. 

Similarly, for students currently seeking transfer admissions, with fewer community college peers, 11.3% less in Spring 2021 and 10.1% less in Fall 2020, actively completing eligibility requirements, there will likely be fewer transfer applicants in the coming years, effectively increasing opportunities for admissions with the reduced transfer applicant pool. 

Furthermore, with smaller populations, current four year college students may have greater access to advisors as well as faculty for assistance, while competition for internships may decrease. Additionally, at larger institutions, students may have greater access to classes, thus may graduate in a more timely fashion.

With fewer students enrolling in college and lowered morale—due to the disruption of the current COVID-affected college experience—of students currently attending college, potentially denting their commitment to continue attending college creates opportunities for those seeking college educations beyond Fall 2024.

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