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I asked a recent college graduate, whom we advised during her high school years, what she believed could be improved about her undergraduate experiences. She shared the following:

I think undergrad is complex. It’s an odd blend of finding yourself, finding your passion, and finding your career. And a lot of times those do not (maybe rightfully) overlap. That makes undergrad a really…busy experience, I think.

I wish there was an opportunity to separate those elements a bit so that one could have more time thinking about who you are and what drives you without…deadlines and internship interviews, etc.

I wish I took undergrad a bit more slowly, but I also acknowledge that taking it slowly (maybe a function of MIT?) is not easy to do.

Class of 2020 Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumna

And, to be fair, “taking [undergrad] slowly” as she argues is possibly unique to MIT, is not. Being contemplative is difficult no matter the institution attended.

As students contemplate why they’re attending college and how they want to spend their college years, perhaps heed a recent grad’s advice about taking time to reflect and savor the undergraduate experience.

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