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“But, I’ll Be Bragging…” And Other Perils of Writing College Essays


Mention the words “college essays” to any soon-to-be high school Senior, and watch their faces contort.  Although expected, the autobiographical college essay that’s included in college applications can provoke a unique stress, as few 17 year olds are: A) used to promoting their qualities and qualities, and B), has thought in detail about big questions, like “What do you dream for yourself in the future?”  Not only are college applicants being asked to make clear their life story and personal insights, now they’re writing a statement that will assist them in reaching their college goals–usually a lifelong expected next step.  Tricky? Yes.  Doable? Absolutely.  Stress-less? Probably not.  To reduce stress, listen to our latest podcast about the purpose of a college essay within the application.

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