Knowledge Lives in the Now

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Past failure and success can no longer be experienced. Right now is where life happens. To fail or succeed are just two more concepts others like to hang around our necks. Then, as our life unfolds, we are shaped, corralled by the overuse, abuse of these two concepts– which are nothing more than two sides of the same sword. Why continue to be cut by this unwieldy blade that is mainly of others’ making? You won’t find a shred of evidence of any failure nor success in the moment.

In the now, there is the potential for all things to unfold; some that in the most recent moment were undiscovered, untold. The potential of the present moment is a limitless source of wisdom, ensconced within a body of knowledge that remains buried deep within the grade inflated, overly socialized, deeply rigged game we call, “Education”, today. As a child, your quest for knowledge was insatiable, but what happened?

You were told what to learn, how to learn, and when to learn. Rules for learning were defined and enforced. Learn right and be rewarded–improperly, and be duly punished. Play the learning game effectively, and be tortured by success, losing almost all sense of what it means to live a purposeful human existence. Abandon the game, and be deemed a failure–forced to wear that Scarlet Letter the rest of your days. Learning cannot be boxed so cleanly into these two rather stark choices, but what is someone to do who truly wishes to wake up to their true potential?

Play the learning game, but stealthily remain in the present, where you covertly mine from the rich, endless vein of wisdom that exists beyond the structure of more formalized, and often sterilized educational industry. When the time is right, you will emerge from your cocoon and become a beautiful, learned being, which is your divinely-proclaimed birth right. Be patient, because in due time, all good things will arise and benefit those who stay true to the one purpose of human life: the acquiring and proliferation of wisdom so all beings may benefit. Good luck, my fellow sojourners in the learning game, as you repel those that seek to deter your quest for understanding and wisdom which lives in eternity, here and now.

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