Extended Early Application Deadlines

Some college admissions offices around the country are extending early application deadlines, as a result of the technical issues the Common Application website is currently experiencing.  The following is a partial list of the colleges and the new deadlines:

  • Barnard University, November 8
  • Boston University, November 15
  • Dartmouth University, November 8
  • Duke University, November 8
  • Columbia University, November 8
  • Northwestern, November 8
  • Syracuse University, December 1
  • Tufts University, November 8
  • University of Chicago, November 8

The Common Application is also updating the deadlines, and can be seen in each college applicant’s list of “My Colleges”, in their account.  In general, college admissions offices are taking a “wait and see” approach to the Common Application fixing the issues, and are not holding applicants responsible for technical issues.  For applicants, the aggravation caused by the technical issues in an already stress-inducing process can be more difficult to overcome, rather than how the college admissions office may respond.  Contacting each college to ask for specifics can be helpful for reducing anxieties.