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Only 2.43% Made the Cut

By definition, “highly selective college admissions” means more applicants denied than accepted. Harvard’s admissions results put the exclamation mark on the above statement. 98% or 40,003 people, a combination of “36,119 regular decision applicants, plus the 4,882 students deferred in the early action process” were denied admissions for Fall 2018. And, before assuming that applying Early …


Early Admissions: “The New Normal”


In what’s increasingly becoming an “Arms Race” of admissions, more and more students are applying early admissions.  The higher admit rates during early admissions in comparison with the regular decision period seemingly indicates greater chances for admissions.  For the current Class of 2021, 14.5% of Early Action applicants to Harvard were admitted, while during Regular …


College Admissions: Controlled Chaos

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How college applicants view college admissions officers   And, how college applicants view themselves: Then, how parents of college applicants feel: For all, Sir Winston Churchill offers sage advice: ‘Cuz in the end:   Related PostsGuest Post: Don’t Overlook The Food Prudent Fiscal Planning (Part 2): Income’s importance in Fiscal Planning and its Effect on …


Ahead of the Curve: December 13, 2013

From the News: How to Stop Worrying about College Rejection, Washington Post December 9, 2013 Could LinkedIn’s University Pages Make the Difference in the College Admissions Process?, CBS Los Angeles December 6, 2013 College Admissions Offers May Be Easier to Obtain, Los Angeles Times November 25, 2013 From Clients: End of the Semester: “studying” for …


Extended Early Application Deadlines

Some college admissions offices around the country are extending early application deadlines, as a result of the technical issues the Common Application website is currently experiencing.  The following is a partial list of the colleges and the new deadlines: Barnard University, November 8 Boston University, November 15 Dartmouth University, November 8 Duke University, November 8 …


The (*$%^&@!) YOWCH of College Admissions

To the Senior and possibly their parents, who’ve been anxiously awaiting December 15th early admissions notification deadlines, checking their email every 30 seconds from midnight, a college admissions denial email can sound like: “We received a record number of blah, blah, blah–oh, my goodness, JUST TELL ME IF I’M IN OR NOT ALREADY–and while you’re, …


More About: To Seek Early Admissions or Not, That is the Question

Admissions rates may be higher for early applicants; however, look closer at the applicants and their qualifications for admissions.  The applicants may be more competitive on test scores, grades, leadership activities and classes, thus a greater fit for the university and therefore more “admissible.” Also, beware of applying Early Decision as a strategy for hedging …

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To Seek Early Admissions Or Not, That Is The Question

The question of early admissions, within the context of the college application process as a whole, is more complicated than most students and their families think. Take five minutes out of your busy day to listen to Art and Jill as they share over twenty years of combined experience surrounding the question of seeking to …