Potential SAT or ACT Cancellations due to COVID-19 Concerns

Updated: March 11, 2020 7:52 pm

As some public health officials are recommending restricting large public gatherings greater than 10 people to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus and some schools, which are testing centers are closing, the potential exists for cancellation of the March 14, 2020 SAT and the April 4, 2020 ACT, as well as subsequent SAT’s and ACT’s this spring. 

When test centers close or cancel administration of the test, then students are alerted to the change. In some cases, the test center administrators have applied for Make Up Testing on March 28, 2020 for the SAT. In other cases, students registration will be forwarded to the May or June SAT test date.

In the short term, ask The College Board or ACT Testing Service

  • Will the SAT and ACT still be administered nationwide if only some schools in some states are closed? 

Lastly, after querying admissions officers around the country and referencing my professional experiences, college admissions officers often account for unforeseen circumstances beyond students’ control, like in the case of a natural disaster. Admissions officers are advising that they will be aware of any SAT and ACT cancellations this spring and will communicate with Fall 2020 applicants accordingly. 

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