Changes to Early Admissions for Fall 2021

College admissions officers are changing Fall 2021 early admissions opportunities, both Early Action and Early Decision.

  • Early Action is defined as applying typically in November to receive an admissions decision in mid-Winter, without having to commit to enrollment until May of the following spring.
  • Early Decision means applying early to receive a mid-winter admissions decision and an acceptance is a binding agreement, where students must withdraw all other university applications and are obligated to enroll in the college.

In the following table, is a list of universities which changed their Fall 2021 early admissions policies and updated application deadlines:

KEY: EA = Early Action | EA2 = Early Action 2 | ED = Early Decision | ED2 = Early Decision 2

University NameEAEA2EDED2Change
Binghamton Univ, SUNY11/1EA added
Baylor Univ2/1ED 2 added
Centenary College of LouisianaN/AEA 2 eliminated
Emerson College11/1ED added
Endicott College11/111/1EA & ED added
Fairleigh Dickinson Univ-Florham Park11/15ED Added
Fairleigh Dickinson University – Metropolitan11/15ED Added
Furman Univ1/15ED2 Added
Georgia Institute of Technology11/2EA date change for not GA residents only
Goucher CollegeN/AED eliminated
Iona College12/1ED Added
Johns Hopkins University1/4ED2 Added
Macalester College11/1EA Added
New College of Florida12/1N/AEA Added; ED Eliminated
Ohio Wesleyan UnivN/AED2 Eliminated
Princeton UnivEA Suspended
Salve Regina Univ1/5EA2 Added
Sweet Briar College11/1ED Added
Syracuse Univ1/15ED2 Added
Univ of Detroit MercyN/AN/AED 1 & 2 Eliminated
Univ of Massachusetts Lowell1/5EA2 Added
Univ of New Haven11/151/15EA 1 & 2 Added
Univ of North Carolina AshevilleN/A11/11/15ED 1 & 2 Added; EA Eliminated
Univ of Rochester1/15ED2 Added
Villanova Univ1/15ED2 Added
Westfield State Univ11/15EA Added
Westmont College11/1EA2 Added
Wheaton College – IL11/15EA2 Added

College admissions officers often institute two Early Action or Early Decision deadlines to capture as many applicants as possible, knowing that applicants choose to commit to colleges at different times during the application process.

One admissions officer explained Early Decision 2 (ED2) as designed for students who want to commit to their school, yet may have been denied admissions at their first ED school or took additional time to consider their commitment to a university so apply ED at a later date.

For more information about how to both plan for and navigate the complex college admissions process in order to minimize the risk of educational malinvestment, check out Creative Marbles Consultancy

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