They’re Called Growing Pains for a Reason

ChoicesSeniors all over the country, who are facing May 1st deadline to officially enroll in a college may be at times surly, reclusive, exuberant, talkative, manic, anxious and exhausted – sometimes changing moods within one breath – personifying the complexities of going to college. Zafrin, one senior in the midst of choosing a college, recently shared her experience with Creative Marbles Consultancy. In her email exchange, she elucidated the ups and downs of weathering denials and trying to predict her future:

As terrible as it [the college application process] has been, it has been a really good learning experience. [Being denied admissions] Forced me to compromise on perfection, and always getting what I want. I honestly did not realize how terribly spoiled and unrealistic I can be (I am), but, better now than never.

In another part of her email, she referred to being humbled by receiving “very sweet denial letters.”

Yet, with little time before the May 1st deadline to make a choice, Zafrin, like many seniors, feels the pressure of “pulling themselves together” – creating a debate that is both thrilling and intimidating. In her words:

The thought of studying and struggling is just about killing my desire to be an educated, literate individual. I am just so tired– and the thought of more challenges is exciting but bone-chillingly terrifying. So my advice to all else who come to you for guidance, find a balance between a romantic rosy picture of the school you want to attend and reality, and run with it. I found too much of either to be extremely painful.

I think I just have to make a decision. The problem is I just do not want to think about it at all. I actually hate it when I can anticipate the college conversation brewing up when I am talking to people. But I think I have to fall back on my fundamentals and my opportunities, and just have faith and confidence – in what exactly, and how, I’m not really sure quite yet.

But it is good to be so close to the finish line, now I just have to somehow limp and crawl my way to it.

While on Spring Break, Zafrin was expecting to take a little time to relax, so she can continue processing her decision. Stay tuned for her final choice!

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