Attitude counts when taking the SAT or ACT.  An “I Will” mentality goes a long way to sustaining test-takers in those inevitable moments when confronted with the doubts, “Why are BOTH A & B the right answer?!? Which one do I choose?” or “I think it’s A now, not D – but time’s running out and I still have 40,000 more problems!”  Having the concentration at that moment to take a deep breath can clear the loud thoughts  to choose an answer.  Self-confidence can propel test-takers through any doubts, to perform at their best.

With that in mind, listen to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” to create a “Can Do” state of mind:


For those needing to be pumped up, a little old school, “Rocky Theme Song” before taking on the ACT or SAT:

Hum a few bars, and feel less stressed, especially when at about the two and a half hour mark of the three hour and fifty minute test time the “Who wrote this *&$#, #$%# test anyways?!? And, why aren’t THEY here taking this @&^% test at the crack of dawn on a SATURDAY?!?” strikes.