College Admissions Is Not a Race

When choosing colleges for application, the first criteria considered is often, “Where can I get in?” Students are really asking, “How do I measure up?”, creating a competitive mindset.  Then, in comparing the strength of their application to those of other possible applicants, students can generate unfounded or stereotypical conclusions, building nervous energy and aggravating any insecurities. Forecasting admissions decisions is inexact, and only one of many considerations when choosing colleges. With a small tweak in mindset, students can gain perspective and reduce stress.ProActive.CreativeMarbles2013Consider that colleges are dependant on tuition to keep their doors open, rather than singly envisioning college admissions officers as the gatekeepers of future prosperity. Students have their own power in the college admissions process, as they decide where to spend tuition money. When students prioritize colleges based on which campus will best serve me, then the entire college admissions search centers around students’ goals for their future, as well as finding the greatest value for their time and money.