Parenting Is Neither Simple Nor Straightforward

As if there needs to be more evidence of the complicated relationship between parent and child, the October 2013 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll results stated that 55% of those surveyed would die for their children; yet of those same folks, only 10% would die for their parents. So, while parents may willingly sacrifice themselves, their children may not be so eager. An argument can be made that parents’ natural protective instinct toward their offspring may be motivating their actions. Yet, while theories can be posited that the survey result shows children are ungrateful toward their parents, the reality may be more complex. Perhaps, the other 90% of children seemingly unwilling to sacrifice themselves for their parents, are parents themselves, who are also abiding by the natural protective instinct toward their own children. Once again, the 1005 Americans surveyed by 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair points toward the labyrinthine nature of the parent-child connection.