To Interview or Not That is The Question

Many private university admissions officers invite applicants to schedule an evaluative admissions interview before they apply. Typically, applicants need to complete interviews by December of any admissions cycle. However, students should check the deadlines for interviews on admissions websites.

Admissions interviews are optional, meaning if a student cannot or does not schedule an interview, no penalties will be assessed nor will the student be disadvantaged in their evaluations. Participating in an interview, which is essentially a conversation, only helps the student, demonstrating their interest in the college, as well as sharing insight to their character

In the interview, which can be virtual or in person, students typically meet with an admissions officer or other college representative, like an alumni or fourth year student, and can ask any and all questions of the “interviewer”.

Furthermore, since there is no disadvantage to interviewing, students can also decide NOT to apply to a particular college after interviewing.  Thus, students can gain valuable insight about the university which can be included in essays, as well as confirm their choice to apply, or not.

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