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Unleashed Brilliance AKA College Essays

CMC 2017

It’s always an honor to help render the seemingly impossible–RAW, NAKED TRUTH.   Related PostsThe A B C’s of the New Common Application Essays ACT & SAT Scores Can Affect Financial Aid, Too Is This What REALLY Happens in College Admissions Offices? Harvard’s Going to Admit Less Kids to “Play” FAFSA Changes Release Date


Our Fervent Wish

…is that every high school senior and transfer college applicant and their parents temporarily develop multiple hands, whose swift fingers dance with the wind across the keyboard to craft brilliant essays well before the deadline. Deadline approaching. pic.twitter.com/CszGLJyrA1 — Academia ɐɹnɔsqO (@AcademiaObscura) September 4, 2018   Related PostsGeneral Thinking According To Google Trends Email:  America’s …