As the season of college fairs, whether virtual or in person, commences, families should pause to craft a plan before the event. Reviewing the list of college admissions officers in attendance, then discriminately choosing which college representatives with whom to connect is prudent to maximize the benefit of the speed dating-like conditions of a college fair.  

Students generally have 60-90 seconds of “face time” with a representative. So with pre-planning, students and their family can be conscientious about the questions they ask. Some families even choose a “divide and conquer” approach where each family member has a specific list of colleges to “visit”, comparing notes after the event. Then, students will more likely get the information they need. 

Additionally, with pre-planning, students can avoid lugging home a bag full of brochures, which likely will be unread, but spur numerous arguments with their parents about when they’re going to review them. Or conversely, students can also avoid stacking more college promotional emails in an already crowded inbox only to be unread.

Over twenty years, thousands of families have relied on Creative Marbles experts for their objective guidance in helping teenagers translate their experience into a path toward both economic success and lasting peace of mind. Contact us today if the college admissions process is more than you imagined or remembered it to be.

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