What’s the value of an Ivy League education?

Is an Ivy League education worth the nearly $90,000 per year cost of attendance, which includes tuition, room & board, fees, average estimates for books, personal expenses + transportation? 

The following is the current estimated cost of attendance at all eight Ivy League institutions

As inflation erodes the average middle class standard of living, while families are estimated to spend nearly $310,000 on average to raise children to age 17 in 2022 dollars, will parents and students pause, when considering an additional $360,000 for an Ivy League degree? Is the quest for elitism, the ultimate prize in the academic meritocratic competition, impervious to price? 

However, many students seek the validation of being amongst the “chosen ones”, as well as perceived access to professional networks, starry-eyed with the promise of lifelong prosperity in elite realms. Thus, price may remain only a dim consideration.

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