Advice about Optional Admissions Interviews

Some private university admissions officers invite prospective applicants to schedule evaluative admissions interviews before applying. Students have a dual opportunity: develop more understanding of the university, and present more insights about themselves.

Applicants should note the deadlines for requesting and completing the optional interviews. Notably, some admissions officers, especially at Ivy League institutions, arrange alumni interviews after the application is submitted.

However, admissions interviews are optional. If a student is unable or chooses not to schedule an interview, there is no disadvantage to their application evaluation. Participating in an interview, students not only demonstrate their interest in the college, as well as sharing insight to their character.

During the interview, whether virtual or in-person, students can meet with an admissions officer, alumnus, or current student. Students can ask any questions and gain valuable insights about the university, which can be incorporated into essays and help confirm their application choices.

Since there are no drawbacks to interviewing, students retain the option to not apply to a particular college based on the interview experience.

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