Go Slow. You’ll Know.


Knowing is not that difficult, in theory. Inherently, we know.  Yet, in reality, acquiring knowledge can take practice to refine.

To gain knowledge is a process, repeated over and over. First, calm down.  (Not always simple to do, or just a matter of some deep breathing.). Then, listen. (Again, not always easy, especially when feeling pressure.) Knowledge will eventually make itself known, given some tenacity. (Chocolate can help with weakened motivation, to continue moving forward.) With patience, an awareness of where, how, or when to seek the knowledge will come into view. Time and again throughout history, examples prove this true, like finally building a rocket that allowed us to land on Mars.  So, when knowing does not happen on a particular time frame, go back to step one.  And, as my momma told me, “Try, try again.”

Photo Credit: Creative Marbles Consultancy 2012