Ahead of the Curve: January 5, 2014

From Our Clients: 

  • More Common App ProblemsJanuary 1 is one of the common college application due dates for popular and highly selective colleges, like Stanford, Harvard, Rice, Brown, Notre Dame, Claremont McKenna, Northwestern – just to name a few.  In the midnight hours starting on the East Coast and moving West, the Common Application website, slowed considerably and created several technical glitches, preventing many students (frustratingly so) from submitting on the 1st.  While many of the colleges extended their deadlines, DON’T WAIT UNTIL LITERALLY THE 11TH HOUR TO SUBMIT APPLICATIONS ON JANUARY 15TH – which can be another popular day amongst colleges for application deadlines. 
  • Financial Aid, FAFSA and CSS/Profile:  Now that the college applications have (or shortly will be) submitted, ’tis the season for applying for financial aid.  Know the deadlines for submitting all the required forms.  The due dates can vary between colleges, and missing one deadline can mean forfeiting a year or more of financial assistance from the university.
  • SAT & ACT Preparation:  How, when and how much to prepare depends on each individual student.  Understanding the format of each test can help determine how a student will react through the duration of the test, which is three hours and forty-five minutes for the SAT and three hours and forty minutes for the ACT.  (That’s testing time alone, not including breaks, registration, time to arrive at the test center, mind you.)  With a variety of methods – from classes to online guides to test prep books – students want to be discriminating in choosing the method that will best improve their score, not just what everyone else is doing.

From the News:

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