Ahead of the Curve: June 14, 2014

Inspired by CMC Clients:

  • To tour or not? Summer is a convenient time for families to visit colleges, yet also is not ideal for experiencing a more authentic view of campuses, as college students are on break too.  Empty buildings and deserted pathways demonstrate the majesty of a college, however not necessarily the vitality.  Since teens, who may prize a social life greater than academics and often follow intuition to judge a college, summer campus visits can be both a plus and a minus.  Knowing the priorities of a teen can help temper any first impressions of a campus – especially if a second chance to visit is not feasible.
  • Summer Homework may be a part of the deal when taking Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes; however, having to complete homework while on a “break” from school can create stress.   Accept a consistent, inconsistency throughout the summer when developing a plan for completing summer work. A thoughtful, balanced strategy will allow students to both relax (as is the intention of a summer vacation), as well as fulfill their academic obligations for next fall.
  • SAT & ACT:  Both tests have been conflated to Mt. Everest-like proportions, where one wrong answer has the destructive power to deny a worthy student from a college acceptance at any college, anywhere in the world. First, take a deep breath.  The test scores are ONE form of information that will be considered from a college application; grades, types of classes, extracurricular activity descriptions, letters of recommendation, admissions interviews – also provide additional information about an applicant’s worthiness for college admissions.  Second, there are hundreds of universities around the United States, where SAT and ACT test scores are neither considered NOR required for application.  In other words, there’s many options for college admissions.  So, relax.  Being calm is a key component to earning a top score.

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