Gotta Read ‘Em All

Let the summer reading games begin! In this corner, Whatever Novel that your kid does NOT want to read, but is required to read for Class X! In this corner, Kid + Team Distraction—Instagram, YouTube, XBOX, Hulu, Sleeping In…you get the picture. Additionally, parents may wonder if summer reading is a cruel revenge fantasy of an intricate high school teacher conspiracy network, especially when dinnertimes become epic tests of patience at the mere mention of summer reading, let alone when parents dare to ask how the assignments are coming along.

Most veteran parents know that summer reading assignments progress like a protracted battle—extensive entrenchment and quiet, with occasional half-hearted volleys after mom’s numerous “reminders” about due dates. The whole ordeal usually ends in a resounding flurry of reading in the last days (night) before school starts again. Making palatable what is inherently objectionable does not have a straightforward or singular answer. At various times, nagging, bribing and commanding or some combination thereof may goad The Kid into vanquishing The Novel.


In the meantime, earplugs and weather stripping doors can help mute the inevitable high-decibel, stress-induced rantings and the occasional door slams of frustration.

Good luck to all participants! May the best novel, I mean, competitor win.

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