Ahead of the Curve: August 9, 2014

Inspired by CMC Clients:

  • OMG College ESSAYSCollege essays are often feared. Topic selection can confound students, who’re under the impression that a traumatic-dramatic-life-altering experience makes a compelling college essay. However, choosing the “perfect” topic is not necessary to begin writing.  Simply start putting words on the page.  Then, students will have some thoughts to edit and refine. Knowing that the first draft is just the first of many drafts can reduce the pressure to write the perfect draft as the first and only draft.
  • The ‘A’ in SAT and ACT Doesn’t Stand For ‘Anxiety’ Feeling pressure to answer EVERY SINGLE question correctly on the SAT or ACT as the only way to a college acceptance is typical.   On the one hand, such care about future success means a student values what happens in the future.  Yet, concentrating on the content of SAT questions in the midst of fear and stress can be an unanticipated test taking skill, that teenagers need to practice.  In preparing for the SAT or ACT, don’t just review the concepts that will be tested, also practice skills to stay calm and focused during the test.
  • What Lazy Summer?   Summer’s lazy, sleep-until-afternoon days seem non-existent for today’s youth. Between summer reading, multiple week-long enrichment camps, family vacations and summer sports, summers can quickly fill with activity.  The year-round hamster wheel of organized activities, while creating competitive resumes for future college applications, may have drawbacks.  Be sure to create a balance between exploring interests and taking a break.

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