Put Down Your #2 Pencils: The University of California Eliminates SAT/ACT Scores…Sorta: Part 4

In a series of posts, I’m analyzing how University of California admissions officers will utilize the 14 Comprehensive Review factors to select incoming first year and transfer classes for Fall 2021, in light of SAT/ACT scores no longer being required for application. In the first post, I discussed GPA and grades, while in the second post, I wrote about how to craft a high school coursework schedule through which applicants can showcase their aptitude. 

In this third post, I’ll outline the test-optional policy for UC’s, in relation to the third Comprehensive Review factor which is:  

Scores on the ACT/ SAT if students choose to submit them (2021/2022)

Given the Spring SAT and ACT cancellations, plus the scattered cancellations of the July ACT as continued coronavirus outbreaks affect communities around the US, the University of California will not require Fall 2021 or Fall 2022 first year applicants to submit any test scores. 

UC admissions officers from four different campuses advise CMC that any scores students choose to submit may be considered at the admissions readers’ discretion, if the scores are deemed to add insight. Thus, while applicants have the choice of including scores or not, admissions evaluations will likely be more subjective, as we discussed Fall 2021 Admissions Turned Upside Down, given admissions officers will be interpreting an applicants’ qualifications with fewer objective criteria. 

As applicants have the power to submit test scores or not, consulting an advisor to weigh their options will be prudent. However, this Fall, continued distance learning or hybrid educational models where high school students only attend on-campus classes a few days a week may limit access to counselors or other trusted school advisors. Students and parents should plan accordingly. 

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